• Dual Power Hydraulic Excavator CES490-8

    Dual Power Hydraulic Excavator CES490-8

    1. The machine can be equipped with both diesel engine & electric motor, it share the electric excavator’s unique advantage and diesel excavator’s mobile convenience. When machines move between different operating sites or electric power failure, diesel engine will work as power unit for easy movement, and during operation, electric motor works as power unit for zero-emission, low noise, low operation& maintenance cost.
    2. it is equipped with the world famous brand hydraulic components.

  • Electric Hydraulic Excavator CED490-8

    Electric Hydraulic Excavator CED490-8

    H-type undercarriage with disassembled featured as simple structure and high torsion-resistance, more stable and reliable. H-type undercarriage with disassembled technology is accordance with all standards for road, railway and sea transportation.