• Bonny machines arrived at shanghai wharf to assist the policy of “carbon neutrality” and “emission peak”
    Post time: Dec-17-2021

    Bonny is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic excavator、material handling equipment and scrap-vehicle dismantler, founded in 1965 and formerly known as Changjiang Excavator Works, received widely good reputation by our customers from domestic and international. As a former state-owned enterp...Read more »

  • Guangxi Cummins visited Bonny Heavy Machinery
    Post time: Nov-11-2021

        Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic,the worldwide economies have been suffered a severe impact, furthermore construction machinery manufacturing industry is also facing an unprecedented test. 2021 is destined to be a year of hard work, Bonny overcame mountains of difficulties, in the si...Read more »

  • Two units BONNY material handler are going to be delivered
    Post time: Sep-28-2021

    Sichuan Bonny Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of construction machinery. We have been establishing for more than 50 years, during this long history, Bonny has been producing hydraulic excavators、hydraulic material handlers、hydraulic dismantlers and other products succes...Read more »

  • 3 units BONNY material handler WZY40-8 have left Bonny factory and are delivered
    Post time: Sep-28-2021

    In 2021 Jun, 3 units Bonny material handler WZY40-8 have left Bonny factory and are delivered to Africa. The COVID epidemic started from 2020 makes the global trading business and Bonny machines export into a difficult situation. Bonny foreign trade staffs are blocked in China and are unabl...Read more »

  • BONNY WZD140-8 Material Handler is Completed Assembly and Debugging
    Post time: Jun-05-2021

    On March 17, BONNY WZD140-8 stationary material handler is completed assembly and debugging in the final assembly plant. WZD140-8 is a customized product. It belongs to the main machine of 140-ton electric material handler. It is the largest customized material handler d...Read more »

  • BONNY Launches A Special Training of Fire Safety
    Post time: Jun-05-2021

    The high-quality development of an enterprise is inseparable from the high-quality control of products, but also the high-standard attention to safety. BONNY as a professional manufacturer of excavators, material handlers, scrap car dismantling machines and other constru...Read more »

  • BONNY Have Performed Well in the Market
    Post time: Jun-05-2021

    For more than 50 years, BONNY has been committed to building a reliable project from R&D, Purchase, Manufacturing, Application and Service. BONNY always adhere to the high-quality, use innovative thinking, technology and manufacturing capabilities to enhance the valu...Read more »