BONNY WZD140-8 Material Handler is Completed Assembly and Debugging

On March 17, BONNY WZD140-8 stationary material handler is completed assembly and debugging in the final assembly plant.
WZD140-8 is a customized product. It belongs to the main machine of 140-ton electric material handler. It is the largest customized material handler designed and manufactured by BONNY at present. It will be applied to the continuous casting billet process in the production line of steel mills, responsible for the demolding process. Motor drive, high temperature resistance, high efficiency and durability are the conditions it must meet.
The successful design and manufacture of this new product reflects the strength of BONNY in the R&D and production of large-scale electric material handlers, and it also reflects the concept of BONNY to provide customers with the best products that meet all requirements. The successful application of this product will also bring greater benefits to the customer.


Post time: Jun-05-2021